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Getting to know your Municipal Mayor

Thanduxolo David Khalipha is a South African politician who has been the Executive Mayor of the Matjhabeng Local Municipality since 2021 (born 26 January 1963). He was a Member of the National Assembly of South Africa from the Free State from 2019 to 2021. Khalipha is a member of the African National Congress.

matjhabeng municipal mayor

A member of the African National Congress, Khalipha served as the ward councillor for ward 17 in the Matjhabeng Local Municipality before he was elected to parliament.

In 2019, he stood for election to the South African National Assembly as the 3rd candidate on the ANC's list of parliamentary candidates from the Free State. He was elected in the election and was sworn in as an MP on 22 May 2019. ... Read More About the Mayor

Need - to Know

Emergency No.

Current matjhabeng municipality emergency contact numbers..

Head Office : (+27) 57 391 3911
Disaster : (+27) 57 391 3911
Fire Department : (+27) 57 352 2222
SAPS - Welkom : (+27) 57 391 6000

Note : Visit a Matjhabeng Town page to view our emergency contact details.

Matjhabeng - Municipal Services

This municipality is mandated to offer the following services to all communities residing under the jurisdiction:

Water Supply

Supply Jurisdiction

Matjhabeng Municipality supply water to all formal towns and townships in its area of jurisdiction:

These areas comprise of residential, business and industrial users that are serviced. Refer to the Municipal Documentation on LED Plan. During the 2008/09 financial year the Municipality purchased 32 125 Ml of water from Sedibeng Water.


Waste Removal And Sanitation

Service Jurisdiction

Matjhabeng Municipality provides Refuse Removal and Sanitation services to all formal towns and townships in its area of jurisdiction:

These areas comprise of residential, business and industrial users that are serviced. In the table referred in Matjhabeng's LED Plan it shows how different users are summarised.

matjhabeng municipality - lejweleputswa
Collection Schedule Available



To provide an efficient, cost effective Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services Department, that will provide a climate of positive growth, capital investment and social upliftment for the community at large.

matjhabeng electricity image

To plan, construct and maintain the electrical distribution networks and infrastructures as to ensure a safe, effective and affordable electrical energy supply to the community of the Matjhabeng Municipality.

View Draft Tariffs 2023-24



To provide quality care and effective services based on the World Health Organisations definition of Primary Health Care within the policy framework of the:


A healthy and self reliant Matjhabeng community.

We believe that our community is people of dignity and worth
who can make significant contributions and should be appropriately

matjhabeng health facility


Visit the SAPS page to get a list of all Police Stations in the district.

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Visit the schools page to get a list of all Schools in the district.

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Traffic Training Academy

Our Mission

To provide nationally accredited learning opportunities to traffic and related occupation through outcome-based training and development strategies.

Our Vision

To provide all traffic and related occupation with knowledge, skills & attitudes needed to deliver a professional service, by ensuring a safe and comfortable road environment.


Visit the Valuations page all the relevant information.

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Matjhabeng Current News

How do I

All you need to know about matjhabeng services and support, if you do not have your answer please contact us.

MLM - Way Leave

A wayleave is an agreement between the landowner and the Approved Wayleave Holder pertaining to the installation of services within or upon the land or road reserve. Wayleaves are generally used to grant access to the land or road reserve by the Approved Wayleave Holder to install the service. The wayleave relates more to the actual construction activities than to the eventual conveyance of services.

Once the service has been installed, the road authority concerned becomes the owner of the service. Wayleaves can therefore not be used to protect services in favour of the service provider.

No one is allowed to conduct any type of work without an approved wayleave or without following exemptions as provided for in this policy and related by-law..

Wayleave Application Procedure

No service provider, contractor or their agents may commence work within the geographical area falling under the municipality’s jurisdiction without having submitted a wayleave application and receiving municipal approval of same.

All applications for wayleaves shall be made in the Matjhabeng Local Municipality Wayleave Application Form as shown in “Addendum 1” of the Wayleave Policy, accompanied by a covering letter on the applicant’s official letterhead, clearly and comprehensively stating the Wayleave Applicants reasons for requiring the wayleave.

2.2.1. Wayleave Application may be submitted for projects that covers work in any area within the jurisdiction of the Matjhabeng Local Municipality, provided that the position and expected start / end dates of all Work in the road reserve is adequately described under the description of the Work to be done.


2.2.2. General conditions are stated on the Wayleave Application Form and may include, but are not restricted to, the following:
  • (a) An application letter with a description the application scope
  • (b) The application letter must be signed by a professional Engineer/Technologist/ Technician
  • (c) Completed Municipal wayleave application form
  • (d) Copies of Company Registration Documents and Professional Engineers/Technologist/ Technician Certificate of Registration.
  • (e) Proof of payment of the non-refundable application fees
  • (f) For optic fibre - written acknowledgement of other Approved Wayleave Holders of their wish to be in the same trench/ duct
  • (g) Three A3 copies of the design drawing showing details of the proposed Work.
  • Detail should include.
  • i Indication where Services are to be installed and the depth of the Service below the surface.
  • ii Distance of the Service from the road reserve boundary (i.e., the property boundary).
  • iii Position and extent of all structures including underground structures such as manholes, chambers, and junction boxes.
  • iv The location of all other Services in the road reserve. Services are located by obtaining information from the Service providers within the Council and by doing cross cuts where required.
  • The use of cross cuts is strongly recommended
  • (h) Three A3 copies of the area layout
  • (i) Installation method statement including estimated duration of construction
  • (j) Written proof of notice given to other stakeholders which have ownership of installed service infrastructure such as ESKOM, TELKOM, Sedibeng Water, SANRAL, the Free State Provincial Department of Public Works & Roads, e.t.c of their intention to commence works within the vicinity of the area where their respective services have been installed.
  • (k) Wayleave will only be issued once all the requirements have been complied with and will be subject to the conditions specified in Section 3.3 and on the Wayleave form.

2.2.3. The application for a Wayleave must be submitted timeously to ensure that the Wayleave can be issued before the Work is programmed to start. WORK BEING CARRIED OUT IN THE PUBLIC ROAD WITHOUT A WAYLEAVE MUST BE REPORTED TO THE ENGINEERING PLANNING UNIT AND WILL BE STOPPED BY THE COUNCIL LAW ENFORCEMENT. A copy of the Wayleave must therefore always be on site when Work is being done in the road reserve.

2.2.4. The South African Railway Commuter Corporation (SARCC) requires notification of all road planning and development of services such as pipelines, cables, power lines, etc. above or underground, that is within 1 km of any existing or planned SARCC railway line or property. These proposals of developments must be submitted to the SARCC Senior Manager, Strategic Network Development for comment.

2.2.5. The Engineering Planning Unit will strive to limit the duration of the application review process to seven (30) working days.

2.2.6. The Approved Wayleave Holder accepts full responsibility for all costs with and resulting from the Work carried out in the public road reserve.

2.2.7. Only Work described in the Wayleave may be executed. If the conditions on site necessitate a deviation from the planned Work, the Engineering Planning Unit must be informed before any Work is done. These deviations may be in relation to the placement of the Service or the timing of the Works. The Engineering Planning Unit may inform the Approved Wayleave Holder of additional approvals that must be obtained from the Service providers affected by the deviation as well as further requirements in terms of drawings and specifications. Work will only be allowed to continue once The Engineering Planning Unit is satisfied that all the additional requirements have been met.

2.2.8. The Approved Wayleave Holder must complete the Work within the time specified on the Wayleave or the approved time extension.

2.2.9. An Approved Wayleave Holder who fails to complete the Work within the specified time window will be given a fourteen (14) day notice period to either complete the Work or apply for a time extension.

2.2.10. If upon expiry of the notice period referred to in 2.2.8 the Approved Wayleave Holder is still in default, the Work will be stopped and made safe by The Engineering Planning Unit at the expense of the Wayleave Holder.

The are four methods you could use to pay for electric bill: Follow the follow the steps below .

  • Come into matjhabeng office with these documents; previos electric bill and amount to pay
  • Use the nearest bank to make a deposit into matjhabeng account; reference your account number.



Services Delivery News NEW STORY


The National Business Initiative (NBI) has been at the forefront of providing technical advice to Matjhabeng Local Municipality through the Ministerial intervention to address its water and sanitation challenges. This support has been provided through NBI’s Technical Assistance, Mentorship and Development (TAMDEV) initiative.

TAMDEV’s overarching goal is to strengthen the capacity of the State, with the aim of improving service delivery and creating job opportunities. The TAMDEV approach builds on tested, workable practices and the deployment of retired experts and technical professionals, from both the private and public sectors, to strengthen vulnerable public institutions and address service delivery constraints.

... Full Story

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